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"I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help" was assembled in 2013 by five prominent Buffalo musicians.

What started out as a studio project between two friends has quickly become the major player in a flooded Buffalo metal scene. Their self-promoted, first show packed the house with over 200 concert-goers in a town where promoters go hungry and bands go unpaid. Government's debut EP, "Hard Truth/Forced Unity", is a relentless attack of dynamic riffage, purposeful drumming, thunderous bass, and in-your-face, yet soulful, to-the-point vocals. The honest and confrontational lyrics are clearly heard and stay true to the album's title.

With an arsenal of great musicianship and eclectic songwriting, "I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help" is determined to be become a household name as well as a brand name in the music industry.

Band members are: Tom Beiler (vocals), Jim Candytree (bass, vocals), Steve Keicher (drums), Ron LePine (guitar), and Robby Warren (guitar).